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Vice President Osibanjo Strictly Warns About Sexual harassment


The issue of sexual harrasement has become one of the great problem to Nigeria as a country. Leading to fear amongst other women in the society and has also create a big burden in the mind of the Best federal government, because of the welfar of their citizen.

Th federal government had often made it clear that no one will go free if been caught of such act. But not too long ago ,about some hours back vice President yemi Osibanjo had Strictly and aggressively warned about the punishment for those guilty about such act and has also told the women to always look decent and unsexualized

Some other states government added to the order pass out by taking the order personal and making it clear and know to the citizens of such State where the order was being passed out

This warnings came as a result of increase rate of sexual harrasement and abuse in the federation as more than 20cases are being reported bin a week


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