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Solksjaer praises David De Gea as world best goal keeper

After the match against Tottenham on Friday Manchester United coach as said in a podium that no goal keeper could be as best has his David de Gea
Based on the come back draw against Tottenham on Friday night on on the great saves made by him to keep the spirit of the players alive making them to have courage and mindset of coming to equalise the game with Tottenham 
United faces Sheffield United on Wednesday as solskjaer side line up for the first time since winning the Manchester derby on March 8. The reds marked their last match in the premiership draw as they played Tottenham Hotspurs last week with De Gea mading much outstanding saves which keep the game lively.As solskjaer said in a statement”David De Gea will always be the best goal keeper in the history of football”.Tottenham Hotspurs striker Harry kane did all his best to make the goal keeper conceed another goal but the goalkeeper was strong enough to resist the pressure.The Manchester goalkeeper has conceeded only two goals in the last seven matches played as two were against city, Chelsea of course including Tottenham and Everton mading us not to conceed too much goals

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