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President Donald Trump Demands Votes Counting To Stop In Ongoing Election

President Donald Trump’s, demand for vote counting to stop in an election that, is still undecided may have been his most extreme and dangerous assault on the institutions, of democracy yet in a presidency replete with them.

Trump appeared in the East Room of the White House, early on Wednesday morning to claim falsely that he had already beaten Democrat Joe Biden, and the election was being stolen from him in a massive act of fraud.

He vowed to mount a challenge in the Supreme Court, and declared that he had already won states that were still counting votes, including Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

The election has not yet been won, and the President and the former vice president are still locked in a tight battle, for the decisive states with millions of votes still being counted.

Although, they were no post about that on his social media pages, but, he said it in a little addressing speech.

Trump’s, remarks essentially amounted to a demand for the legally cast, votes of American citizens not to be recorded in a historic act of disenfranchisement.

And they brought closer the potential constitutional nightmare, that many have feared since Trump started to tarnish an election that, he apparently worried he could lose months ago.

His rhetorical broadside was also notable because, it came at a moment of huge tension in a deeply, divided nation — a time when a president, even one whose political fate is in the process of being written — could be expected to call for calm.

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