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Premier League: Getting ready to give you some fun.

Premier League continues :

Premier league kick off today with some amazing matches to get you happy once again.

Aston Villa vs Sheffield United

Time: 4:30pm

Manchester City vs Arsenal

Time: 8pm.

After the Covid 19 pandemic that hit the whole world premier league went on strike to avoid any of the players contact the deadly disease. For the past few months premier league have not recorded any confirmed cases nor death of any players in any club.

FIFA president was scared of loosing any players so they had to shut down all matches until today been June 17, 2020. As for the matches today, FIFA officials is closing all stadium to avoid social gathering,they advice you sit back at home and watch the awesome matches that they have for us today.

To the conclusion of it all, premier league is gonna give you the fun,enter entertainment you have long been waiting for. Wishing you the best as you sit back and enjoyed the trilled games of today.

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