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David Oyedepo: I Ain’t Scared Of covid 19

As earlier on pastor Chris oyahkilomhe had earlier said the the conditions of keeping one safe from covid _19 is at a very high rate which could/may lead the mases into ways of Helter skelter.so he further pronounced that use of nosemask, face wear and other protective measures which is well know by the mases.in as well as the use of sanitizer in washing of the hand in all private sector of the economy and and also used in government bodies and other related forms like church

School to resume as per the Federal Government Directives – Say Minister of Education

Before oyakilomhe comes with his own idea of breathing a Living and fresh breath into the isolated covid paitents. He said earlier on that he should be taken to the covid isolated paitent that he will hug an kiss them freely,that the use of the face mask and others is a waste of time

He further says that all covid paitents should be brought to him for prayers

While,the can president urges churches to maintain social distancing and follow other regulated rules of covid 19

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