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Covid 19: 6 NCDC workers are infected by Corona virus


Nigeria center for disease control (NCDC) have the total of 12,801 confirmed cases including the workers:

The news have been carried out that the number of people who are infected by the deadly disease has skyrocketed to a high number of 12,801.

The federal government and the entire board of authorities are been in shock of the number because the virus is spreading like a wild fire all through the nation. President Muhammaddu buhari has the intention of closing the nation to avoid the spread of the disease he says earlier the better to shut down churches, mosques and market squares to really avoid the spread of the virus.

As for the Minister of Education Mr chukwuemeka Nwajiuba after the release of the latest confirmed cases he Says to all parents that school won’t open until further notice because he doesn’t want anyone’s children to be infected of Covid 19 because our children are the leaders of tomorrow.

The president of Nigeria center of disease control (NCDC) are really fighting hard and are putting more effort in making the Covid 19 disease clear from the surface of Nigeria .”He begs all Nigerians to abide by the rules and regulations to maintain social distancing,wash your hands always, Always make use of face mask because it’s very necessary in avoiding the spread of the disease”.

President Muhammaddu buhari says ” Let’s all unite as one and always abide to rules and regulations because it would help us fight against the disease and remove it from our nation”.

Confirmed cases:12,801




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